Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Semi-regular Dimes: Freegan edition

Prompted by a recent NY Times article, I decided to share some articles on the fascinating (and inspiring) world of Freegans. Growing up in the developing world, we always saw the U.S. and Western Europe as the ultimate lands of plenty. By exposing the amount of wasted food and stuff that end up in our collective trash bins, Freegans bring awareness to the related issues of over consumption and the fair distribution of resources.

  • The Freegan Establishment: A long Jun/2010 feature from the NY Times Magazine.

  • I Love Trash: A 2008 documentary (viewable online) chronicling two friends 3-month experiment in dumpster diving.

  • Freegans and FreeCycling Gain Fans: An Oct/2008 feature article from Businessweek magazine.

  • Writer Becomes Freegan for a Month: An Oct/2007 NPR interview with Newsweek writer, and undercover Freegan, Raina Kelley, about her month-long experiment "recycling and reusing" instead of "buying".

  • "Freegans" Live On Garbage: An Oct/2007 feature on the CBS Early Show.

  • Free-lunch foragers: A Sep/2007 front page feature article from the LA Times.

  • Not Buying it: A Jun/2007 feature article from the NY Times.

  • Freegan send political message by dumpster diving for meals: A Feb/2006 MSNBC interview conducted by conservative pundit Tucker Carlson.

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