Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two Brain Surgeons

I'm amazed by what neurosurgeon Henry Marsh has accomplished in the 15+ years he's been going to Ukraine. Along with his Ukrainian colleague Igor Kurilets, Marsh has established a clinic that is the leading neurosugery practice in Ukraine. They put their patients first, payment is minimal with some complex surgeries done essentially for free.

There are so many moving moments in this film, as well as humorous scenes involving the banter between Henry and Igor. After minimal retooling and tuning, they use discarded tools and equipment that Henry brings over from the UK. I loved watching Henry and Igor geek out over recycled surgical equipment.

While the film focuses on Henry, Igor is the full-time hero in their longtime collaboration. Kurilets is an innovator trying to survive in a medical system that values uniformity and collectivism.


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