Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Mahindra Gio

While the Nano low-cost compact sedan justifiably gets a lot of press, the less well-known Mahindra Gio, a new compact truck from India, is just as impressive. The price and features makes it an affordable option for budding entrepreneurs in the developing world. I hope the product is successful enough that we start seeing similar products from other companies.

Here are a few factoids about it:

1. At a starting price is about $$3,525, it can handle a payload of up to 1,100-pounds in its 5-foot cargo box; fuel consumption is about 64 mpg.

2. It uses a 2-cylinder diesel engine manufactured by Kohler.

3. The engine is mounted in the rear, below the cargo box.
Keeping the engine in the rear ensures a lower noise level inside the cabin and moreover the heat from the engine does not enter the cabin. Thereby keeping your cabin cooler, and more comfortable even in hot weather.


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